Cheers to the freakin' weekend

Daily Telegraph photo booth at Westfields Stratford City, I'll post some pictures of what I bought laters.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend :)


Feeling Aztecy n' Tribal

5. Me wearing an aztec hair band from accessorize tackling my workload.

Loving Atzecy stuff at the moment. This is such a brief post. I have so much work, and I've only been at school for a week ARGH. 

I'll do some outfit posts soonish when I have time soz guys...

Hope every one's week has been better than mine. have a happy Sunday!



Couple of images from tumblr I'm loving. Sliver tones are mega cool, and that cuff; I want it.

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Also 51 followers, thank you all so much. You always manage to make my day :')


Now im in town break it down thinkin' of makin' a new sound

(jumper mum's, jeans topshop, bag ebay like aw rocco )
(jewlry: necklace h&m, rings accessorize, topshop, primark)

What I wore today to town, I kinda love this time of month were it's not mega cold but not super warm. The whole inter season shabang. I'm also loving lots and lots of jewlry + this jumper it's so comfy and I love the colour.

So today was my last day before I go back to school (and all hell begins).  The prospect of being in year 10 is seriously freaking me out GCSE'S argh not fun. I am most definatley not looking forward to wearing the ugly uniform. Lemon coloured shirts EW

P.S - the lyric in my post title Ed Sheeran - You need me, I don't need you 
Listen to it, such a good song! 


Hey baby I think I wanna marry you

Zara TRF Lookbook (sourcesource)

Absolutely love all the stuff at Zara TRF. I really like their use of metallics and lace. And those coats! The structure is amazing; though unfortunately I won't be getting one (give me sympathy) since I have a Zara coat from last season already. 

In a few weeks I'm going to the new Westfield in Stratford which has a Zara so I'm hoping to purchase some items from there. Zara if you haven't already figured it out is my favorite shop, they're produce such beautiful clothes without the designer price tag.

Hope everyone has a happy Sunday! I'm going to do some gcse textile research a recover from a party last night.