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Today I went into town by myself (so exciting I know), but it did turn out to be quite a good shop. Although now I have no money, but on the bright side I have some very pretty items!

Crochet Dress - River Island £35 down to £12

I'm usually not a big fan of river island, and the sales are so gigantic they freak me out just by the prospect of looking through the endless heaps of garments. With sales I normally just vaguely look at the clothes and anything that catches my eye I  have a look at. I've really wanted a crochet dress literally ALL season. Oh yes I did just refer to summer as a season, it feels mega fashionyyyyyy.

Neckalce from Accessorize £16 down to  £4.80
I love this neckalce it looks all earthy ish, I think!? But anywayssssss I like it.

(mum's jumper, primark skirt, converse)
Sorry about the pissed off face, I assure you it wasn't deliberate. But yeah, this is the first time I've worn this outfit as a whole, and the first time of wearing this skirt. I bought it a month or two ago when I went to London, and haven't worn it since I thought it was a bit too school uniform vibe going on.

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