Riding high when I was king

New hair!

Yesterday I dyed the ends of my hair blonde!It took forever. But I think it was quite successful, what do you guys think? 

Atm my life is not too exciting since I have such a lack of money so I have resided to online shopping and lusting after too many items.

Some random people I've been taking inspiration-

Gillian Zinser
If you don't recognise this ladaaaay. It's Gillian Zinser who is most well known I think for the character she plays in 90210 Ivy. She has such a cool surfery hippy sense of style but it still feels mega current + her hair is lush.

Alexa Chung at the 2011 NME Awards
Miss Chung! Any one who is interested in fashion must of course be aware of Alexa Chung. She wears vintage pieces so well. The thing with Alexa (oh yes we're totally on first name terms) is that she puts together garments you wouldn't usually wear as an outfit, she does wear them. Plus who couldn't love her, I mean she has a mulberry named after her!

RIP Amy Winehouse
Such a great singer, absolutley loved her songs, a life cut short. 

Peace Out,


  1. o amy made me really sad:(

    Love your hair though! looks great! A bit alexa:)


  2. Love the hair! Gillian Zinser is one of my fave style icons at the moment xoxo




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