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Summer -
  1.  The usually warmest season of the year, occurring between spring and autumn and constituting June, July, and August in the Northern Hemisphere, or, as calculated astronomically, extending from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox.
  2. A period of fruition, fulfillment, happiness, or beauty.
  3. A year: a girl of 13 summers. 

If only British summer was true to the definition above. Britain's pathetic excuse for summer has led to me longing after stuff from new autumn collections they are MUSTS in my eyes.

ASOS Aran Jumper - £35

It's so preeeeeedddayyyy!I reckon it would look really good with a light scarf I have a gazillion vintage ones that would look perfecto! I've got a jumper exactly like this in my grandma's loft except it's just a little to big, by little I mean A LOT, A LOT A LOT. I thought maybe somehow I could make it smaller. I should be able to, I mean I am doing GCSE Textiles. I'll figure it out; I hope.

ASOS MINX Suede Tassel Loafer - £45

How could you not love these?! They are little beauties. Yes I did just call a pair of shoes 'little beauties' in case you were mistaken. I've wanted these for too long, too too too long. I just have such a lack of patience to save money. I'm not a saver and never will be. I was born to spend.

Black Faux Leather Panel Bodycon Skirt - £32

I've always thought leather looks good, it mostly comes in black which therefore makes you appear slimmer and looks utterly lush in the process! Although this skirt is faux leather I still think it looks good, what's your view?

Zara Portfolio City Bag - £39.99
It's so smart and the colour is such a cool piercing red. I love it. 

So all I need is £151.99 and I can have all of these items. *sarcasm intended*

Peace Out, 


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  2. i love the little suede loafers! nice jumper too, they have lovely ones in american apparel but they're expensive too! if i had £151 i'd buy some jeffrey campbells and a white silk shirt :P thanks for visiting my blog, come again soon!:)xxx


  3. want all of these!

    Helen, X

  4. that leather skirt is breathtaking :) awesome blog i have to say, i'm a follower from now on - have a great autumn sweetie <3 looking forward to your next post! greeting from Finland


    xoxo, Stu


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