We got family

This weekend is so so very busy! On Friday I had a mass family get together at my house, we brought our super long table and a few other things outside and sat eating stupid amounts of Indian food and talking until midnight. It was so lovely to see everyone and I really have no idea how my mum managed to cook for 17 people! I can barely cook for myself!

My sister & I; wearing my new river island dress.

Taking pictures of my legs; for fun.

My hand; leaf ring - topshop, snake ring - primark.

Braid I did in my hair when boredom struck me once again.
Random pictures from the past few days.

Peace out, xx.


  1. Your dress is super cute. And I like the beads in your hair!
    I recently put feathers in my hair but I think I would consider putting beads in too ;)

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