Raindrops on roses

These are my top favouritist things at the moment ...
Oh by the way favouritist it's my word I've created I quite like it.

I LOVE this ring. I wore it the other night and fell in love with it again! It's such a statement piece and goes with literally everything. It's from Primark and was about £1 or £2 I can't remember which. But definatley a good purchase.

You may look at this and think it is completely and utterly skanky/horrible/EW etc. But this satchel is literally my life. It's the smallest school bag I have, which means I am forced to delibratley leave books at home so I can fit everything in it. It's kinda falling apart, but it's cool suppose it adds to the look of it. Oh yeah, I think I found it in my loft not really sure to be honest. 

This coat is insanely comfy. I found it in my grandma's loft and thought it was amazing. It looks pretty cool with a brown belt or just on it's own. I also love how dramatic it looks. 

The last thing is my new obsession ORANGE JUICE. I'm basically drinking it EVERYWHERE, I've gone through a whole carton in like 1 day. I'm probably getting like 5678903445456 of my five day. Or something like that perhaps a smaller number. OJ is amazing end of.  

Oh Hi

Hi, I'm Ismay and this is my blog ...