Lets go back to the 60's

As part of my textiles gcse we're doing a product anaylis, so we got to look at some lovely clothes from the 60's. I instantly fell in love with this coat. It is beautiful. And ridiculously comfy.


Cheers to the freakin' weekend

Daily Telegraph photo booth at Westfields Stratford City, I'll post some pictures of what I bought laters.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend :)


Feeling Aztecy n' Tribal

5. Me wearing an aztec hair band from accessorize tackling my workload.

Loving Atzecy stuff at the moment. This is such a brief post. I have so much work, and I've only been at school for a week ARGH. 

I'll do some outfit posts soonish when I have time soz guys...

Hope every one's week has been better than mine. have a happy Sunday!



Couple of images from tumblr I'm loving. Sliver tones are mega cool, and that cuff; I want it.

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Now im in town break it down thinkin' of makin' a new sound

(jumper mum's, jeans topshop, bag ebay like aw rocco )
(jewlry: necklace h&m, rings accessorize, topshop, primark)

What I wore today to town, I kinda love this time of month were it's not mega cold but not super warm. The whole inter season shabang. I'm also loving lots and lots of jewlry + this jumper it's so comfy and I love the colour.

So today was my last day before I go back to school (and all hell begins).  The prospect of being in year 10 is seriously freaking me out GCSE'S argh not fun. I am most definatley not looking forward to wearing the ugly uniform. Lemon coloured shirts EW

P.S - the lyric in my post title Ed Sheeran - You need me, I don't need you 
Listen to it, such a good song! 


Hey baby I think I wanna marry you

Zara TRF Lookbook (sourcesource)

Absolutely love all the stuff at Zara TRF. I really like their use of metallics and lace. And those coats! The structure is amazing; though unfortunately I won't be getting one (give me sympathy) since I have a Zara coat from last season already. 

In a few weeks I'm going to the new Westfield in Stratford which has a Zara so I'm hoping to purchase some items from there. Zara if you haven't already figured it out is my favorite shop, they're produce such beautiful clothes without the designer price tag.

Hope everyone has a happy Sunday! I'm going to do some gcse textile research a recover from a party last night.


We're spiralling

A few days ago I made rocky road. So I thought I'd do a lil tutorial to show you guys how to make them! It's quick and easy and only takes around 30 minutes.

What you'll need-

- 125g/4½oz soft unsalted butter
- 300g/10½ dark chocolate, broken into pieces
- 3 tbsp golden syrup
- 200g/7½oz rich tea biscuits
- 100g/3½ oz mini marshmallows

1. Heat the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a heavy-base saucepan over a gentle heat. Remove the heat when the mixture is all melted.

2. Scoop out about 125ml/4½fl oz of the melted mixture and set aside in a bowl.

3. Put the Rich Tea biscuits into a plastic freezer bag and crush them using a rolling pin until they have turned into crumbs with some pieces of biscuits. 

4. Then put the biscuits and mini marshmallows into chocolate mixture and mix in.

5.  Tip the mixture into a square baking tin.
6. Pour the melted chocolate mixture you preserved earlier over and smooth down with a spatula.
7. Refrigiate for 2 hours or overnight.

And Voila you've done it! Hope your inspired by this to make your own!  


I'm not weird, I'm limited edition

(jumper grandma's house, jeans topshop, necklace vintage)

This jumper is ridiculously comfy I literally can't stop wearing it. Before anyone says/asks this photo's are taken in my bathroom, it's white and simple good for taking photo's.  

I'm trying to do more outfit posts, so stay tuned! Also a cooking post coming up in the near future.

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And the song birds are singing

I recently watched Sex And The City Movie; which I highly recommend watching! I was watching the scene where Big shows Carrie her new closet (1st photo) and I was then reminded of one of my big dreams. To have a big closet! It may sound ridiculous but I grew up watching movies where the actresses own closets filled with beautiful things and everything looks utterly fabulous. I remember thinking 'why can't I have that!?'. 

I found a bunch of photo's to take inspiration from. I would love a white, classic style closet which looks effortlessly timeless. I want a closet worthy to bless the pages of Vogue or Elle. If I achieve this one wish I reckon I'll be pretty please with my self.  Hope everyone has a great bank holiday despite the not so great weather! 

Lots of Love I 


i'm all out of faith

Top left to right - VPL Vent Knit SweaterOasis Leather ShortsOversized Nude Pink Silk T-shirt Acne Rita Leather JacketMoto Berry Baxter3.1 Phillip Lim Kimono Sleeve JacketAlexander Wang Diego Rhodium-Studded Bag

Autumn/Winter wishlist, I'm liking grey and blacks at the moment. I especially love the  kimono jacket it looks effortlessly elegant yet edgy. 

Peace Out


All the others got me misunderstood

I went to my grandma's yesterday, she has so many amazing vintage clothes! I brought back this skirt which was originally a Maxi skirt. Maxi's are beautiful but not really my thing, so I decided to cut it. It was ridiculously easy and I really like it! What do you guys think?

Peace Out



  1. Camden Market
  2. Shop with loads of vintage style signs
  3. Vintage shop with an array of denim shorts
  4. Outfit for the day - h&m jumper, ebay shorts, converse shoes, vintage bag, charity shop necklace
I went to Camden yesterday there's such a cool vibe and amazing shops. I bought two bracelet cuff things and a few pairs of earring which were all ridiculously cheap! They'll probably be featured in a post soon.  

Peace Out,


It's like your always stuck in second gear

( top primark, jeans topshop)

After borrowing my sisters jeans for way way way too long, I bought my own pair. I really love them.

Forgot to blog about this, but last Friday I went to a vintage fair at South Bank. There were so really cool stuff there, but unfortunately I didn't have any money :( It was full of so many little shops they all looked lush. We then went and had some food on a rooftop which was yummy. Then I was lucky enough to watch a team of about 5 people shooting the new topshop collection! It was so cool, I loved all the clothes especially the jumpers.

Also I got twitter please follow me :) here's the link - http://twitter.com/#!/IsmaySmith

Peace Out,


I'm glad you came

Summer -
  1.  The usually warmest season of the year, occurring between spring and autumn and constituting June, July, and August in the Northern Hemisphere, or, as calculated astronomically, extending from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox.
  2. A period of fruition, fulfillment, happiness, or beauty.
  3. A year: a girl of 13 summers. 

If only British summer was true to the definition above. Britain's pathetic excuse for summer has led to me longing after stuff from new autumn collections they are MUSTS in my eyes.

ASOS Aran Jumper - £35

It's so preeeeeedddayyyy!I reckon it would look really good with a light scarf I have a gazillion vintage ones that would look perfecto! I've got a jumper exactly like this in my grandma's loft except it's just a little to big, by little I mean A LOT, A LOT A LOT. I thought maybe somehow I could make it smaller. I should be able to, I mean I am doing GCSE Textiles. I'll figure it out; I hope.

ASOS MINX Suede Tassel Loafer - £45

How could you not love these?! They are little beauties. Yes I did just call a pair of shoes 'little beauties' in case you were mistaken. I've wanted these for too long, too too too long. I just have such a lack of patience to save money. I'm not a saver and never will be. I was born to spend.

Black Faux Leather Panel Bodycon Skirt - £32

I've always thought leather looks good, it mostly comes in black which therefore makes you appear slimmer and looks utterly lush in the process! Although this skirt is faux leather I still think it looks good, what's your view?

Zara Portfolio City Bag - £39.99
It's so smart and the colour is such a cool piercing red. I love it. 

So all I need is £151.99 and I can have all of these items. *sarcasm intended*

Peace Out,